Register to FC2 Counter

Register FC2 Counter
03 /27 2011
Register to FC2 Counter

For first-time FC2 service users:
Click on the "Sign Up" button on the upper left of the FC2ID registration page, to acquire an FC2ID which enables you to use all the free services provided by FC2.


For registered FC2 service users:
Please enter your FC2ID e-mail address and password in the space provided to log in.

What is FC2ID?
FC2ID is an account that you will need to get in order to use all services provided by FC2. It allows you overall control and management of all FC2 services. (Seperate registration for each service is necessary.) Just add what you would like to enjoy with the "Add This Service" and fill in the required information. Please visit the FC2ID Manual for details.

Add services (Register FC2 Counter)

Please enter your FC2ID e-mail address and password to log in. After you log in to the FC2ID, click on the 'Add Services' from the menu list on the left. Find the 'FC2 Counter' service from the service list then click on the 'Add this service. That's all you have to do! (After you add the service, it will take you to the FC2 Counter management page.)



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