Let’s Set Up an FC2 Counter

Set Up FC2 Counter
03 /27 2011
Let’s Set Up an FC2 Counter.

How to login to the management page
Please access FC2 Counter (http://counter.fc2.com/en), click on the 'login' button and enter your FC2ID e-mail address and password. Click on each counter's name and it will take you to the corresponding counter setting page.

If you have an FC2 Blog
FC2 Counters can easily be set up by using plugins.
*FC2 Blog can only add plugins for counters. To edit the counter settings, you will have to go to the FC2 Counter's management page.

1. Log in to FC2 Blog.
Click on the 'Plugin Settings' from the menu list on the left.

2. Make sure your current template supports the plugin of your choice.
*If your template does not support plug-ins, you cannot add the counter to your blog. Please choose one of the latest template and see if it is available.

3. Click on the 'Add FC2 plug-ins.'

4. Find the 'FC2 Counter' then click on the 'Add.'

5. After entering all the required items, select the 'Access Counter' or 'Online Counter' then click on the 'Add.'
*In case you would like to add both of them, you will need to add two plug-ins.

Add Plugin

When you use the FC2 Blog's "Free Area" plugin
If you are currently using template-supported plug-ins, you can also easily add counters and other blog plug-ins to the free area.

[Add Free Area]
Please click on "Add Plug-ins" in the middle of the plug-in setting page, then add the free area (Name can be changed, also you can assign a category to it.)
If you are currently using the free area, you can alter setting from 'Change Setting' located at the right of the plugin setting page.
With regard to the place to install, please assign a category you want to. Also please make use of arrows ('↑' and '↓') to place the plugin.

If you would like to install in your website.
Copy the counter's HTML tag
1. Log in to the management page and click on the 'Counter Tags' from the menu on the left.
2. Right click on your mouse to copy the entire tag.
3. Go to your web page's HTML file then paste the copied counter tag on your HTML's body section.
(Anywhere you like between <body> and </body>.)

<title>My Web Page</title>
<body bgcolor=#fffafa2>
<!--- FC2 Counter starts here --->
<script language=JavaScript type=text/javascript src=http://counter1.fc2.com/counter.php?id=*****></script>
<noscript><a href=http://counter.fc2.com/ target=_blank>FC2 Counter</a></noscript>
<!--span style=color:#1E90FF;><b>My Little Sheep Journal</b></span>
<br />



4. Check if the counter successfully appears on your web page.
*If it does not appear, check if all necessary tags are pasted,
please go back to your HTML file to make sure that the copied tag was pasted between <body> and </body>


Welcome to FC2!