Let’s Take a Look at the Access Statistics

Access Statistics
03 /27 2011
Let’s Take a Look at the Access Statistics.

To see the access statistics
Click on the 'Counter Management' on the FC2 Counter management page.
The access statistics will start to count after installing the counter.
(*Directly after set up, it might take a little while for it to show up.)

Registration data
1:User name
2:Counter name. To change the name, enter a new name and then click the 'Setting.'
3:Starting date of analysis
4:URL where the counter is installed.
5:Image used for your access counter.
6:Image used for your online counter.

Access Statistics
Shows the number of access within a day, cumulative number, 30 days basis, and a graph that shows the result of analysis.

Viewing Access Statistics
In order to view Access Statistics, you will need to push the "Analysis" button in the left side menu. Statisctics will begin to be counted after you set up a counter (Note: It may take some time before results are reflected, directly after setting up a counter)

You can check the number of accesses to a page by choosing it from the pull-down menu on the left-hand side-bar.

Please note, this access analysis is completely different from FC2`s "Analyzer" service. For a more detailed breakdown of your visitors please use that service.


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