FC2 Counter Detailed Settings

Detailed Settings
03 /27 2011
FC2 Counter Detailed Settings

Click the "Settings" button on the Management Screen.

Change the Number of Digits
This is where you can choose the number of digits you want in your hit counter.

You can have anywhere from 2 to 10 digits.
After doing this, please press the "Change" button.

Change the Count Number
This is where you can freely change the number of hits you have received.
Again, after doing this, please press the "Change" button
Leaving this field blank will mean the current hit count won't change.

You can use this in various situations, like if you want to import a counter from somewhere else. This way you can continue on counting without having to revert back to zero.

Double Count Settings

You can prevent single computers from giving you multiple hits.
Any single computer which visits your page (multiple times) within 24 hours can be set to only count as a single hit.

Select "Prevent Double Counts" and press the "Change" button.

This "Double Count Prevention" will count users based on their IP Address.
Any IP Address (as long as it doesn't change) will only count once towards the hit count.
Distinguishing users through their IP Address instead of through Cookies gives a more accurate count.

This improved accuracy means that the number of counts your counter racks up might decrease. Don't be alarmed by this, the counter is just giving you a more accurate representation of the actual number of people visiting your blog.

An IP Address is a number passed out to each computer linked to the internet.
*Views from mobile phones will not be affected by "Double Count Prevention".
All views from mobile phones will be counted for every time they access your site.

Weekly Count Display Settings
Setting this to "Display" will cause this week's access graph to display when hovering the cursor over the counter will. Once selecting this option click on the "Change" button.

[How to read the graph]

All digits fewer than hundreds, are rounded down.
Every 1000 is displayed as a TH


Setting to Not Count your Own Visits
This setting allows you to visit your own site without adding to the number of visitors.

1) Access the Management Page
Choose the counter you wish to change and then click it.

2) The counter you chose should appear on the Management Page.
Click on the "Settings" button in the right-hand sidebar.

3) Check the "ON" checkbox under "Don't Count Self", then click the "Change" button.

Any changes will take approximately 5 minutes to reflect.

*This will not work if cookies are disabled.

Also, this setting will only work for the internet browser that you used to change the setting.

Please note that using other browsers will cause your own views to be counted.

Prevent Counting Your Own Accesses
This is how you set up your counter so it doesn't count your own visits.

1)Access the Counter Management Page
If you have multiple counters installed, select the one you wish to edit and then press the "Settings" button.

2)The Editing Page will Display
Click on "Settings" from the left side menu. At the bottom of the screen there should be an option to not count your own accesses.

The change may take approximately 5 minutes to reflect.

*This function will only work if cookies are enabled. Also, FC2 Counter will still count your accesses if you view your site from another browser.


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