Register Your Own Design as a Counter

Register Own Design
03 /27 2011
Let's Register a Counter.
How to Upload a Counter

Making your Own Counter

Use graphics editing programs like Photoshop or others to create images that represent the digits 0 to 9.

Please make sure the image is over 4x4 pixels in size.
The file type should be .gif . Only .gif files can be uploaded. You should set the background as "clear".

Upload your Own Counter
Click the "Image Upload" button from the Management Screen. Fill in all the fields and then click the "Register" button.

1: Creator ... Your nickname automatically gets added.
2: Creator's Homepage ... Add the URL of the page the counter's set to.
3: Genre... "Management" is set as default.
4: Image ... Add the Counter Image you want to upload. The Left and Right fields are left open for any extra decoration you'd like to add.

Clicking "Register" will complete the upload.

"My Counters" Settings
Click on "My Counters" from the "Change Image" section.

All uploaded images are displayed here. Choose the image you want to edit and click on "Access Counter Image Settings".
To change online counters click the "Online Counter Image Settings" button.

Any changes made to images may take around 5 minutes to reflect.


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