How to Use

How to Use
03 /29 2011
How to Use

Q.How do I change a counter number?
A.Log in to the management page. Click on the 'Settings' in the menu, enter a number in the space provided and then click on the 'Change.' Counting will start with the number you entered.

Q.How do I add counters?

A.Click on the 'Add a counter' button on the left of the user management page. Then enter a counter name and click on the 'Setting' button. When you name a counter, use words such as 'for blog' or 'for website' so that you will conveniently be able to know where it is used immediately.

Q. I'd like to change counter images and settings.
A. Log in to the management page, click on the counter name you'd like to change and click on the 'Settings' icon to finish settings. Please see the manual to learn more.

Q. Can I use my original image as a counter image?
A. Yes. Choose a counter you want to set up an image for, then go to the 'Image Upload' to upload an image file. Please see the manual for more information.


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