Trouble Shooting

Trouble Shooting
03 /29 2011
Trouble Shooting

Q. When I accessed my blog, my visit was counted.
A. On the top of the Management Page, next to the name of the counter you want to edit, there is a "Settings" page. From this page you can set the counter to not count your own visits. For more information read the manual.

Q. The counter number doesn't change even if I access my site many times.
A. Maybe you have chosen the 'Count out repeated visits' setting. When this setting is enabled, repeated access from the same PC within 24 hours will not be counted.

Q. My counter suddenly disappeared.

A. This might be because we have that the image is inappropriate or the image has not been creation of your own. Or, there is a chance that the author might have deleted the counter. Over 5,000 counter images are ready for you. Please find another image. Please see the terms of use and manual for more details.

Q. I have set up a counter on my FC2 Blog, but it doesn't work.
A. If you set the counter plugin as hidden, your counter won't work. It's OK to set its exposure as 'hidden' on your counter but please set the plugin on your blog as 'shown.'

Q. I was using the old counter but it doesn't show now.
A.The former counter service discontinued on Feb 22, 2010. It is not available anymore. Please remove the counter tag and register a FC2 Counter (


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