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03 /27 2011
FC2 Counter - Manual Top

This manual was created in order to help you more easily understand the FC2 Counter service a little better. Use this manual whenever you don't understand something. If you still are not sure what to do after reading this manual, please contact us through this link: Inquiry Form.

FC2 Counters

FC2 Counters
03 /27 2011
FC2 Counters

FC2 Counter is a free service.
There are two types of counters; Access Counters and Online Counters. These counters are used to keep track of visitors to your blog or web page.


Access Counter
The access counter counts the number of visitors you've received. In addition to knowing how many people have visited your blog, it also shows a 30 day graph displaying a breakdown of the number of visitors who visited your blog during that period.


Online Counter
The online counter allows you to check how many people are currently viewing your site in real time. (*If you only set up an online counter only, it cannot calculate the total number of visitors.)

Register to FC2 Counter

Register FC2 Counter
03 /27 2011
Register to FC2 Counter

For first-time FC2 service users:
Click on the "Sign Up" button on the upper left of the FC2ID registration page, to acquire an FC2ID which enables you to use all the free services provided by FC2.


For registered FC2 service users:
Please enter your FC2ID e-mail address and password in the space provided to log in.

What is FC2ID?
FC2ID is an account that you will need to get in order to use all services provided by FC2. It allows you overall control and management of all FC2 services. (Seperate registration for each service is necessary.) Just add what you would like to enjoy with the "Add This Service" and fill in the required information. Please visit the FC2ID Manual for details.

Add services (Register FC2 Counter)

Please enter your FC2ID e-mail address and password to log in. After you log in to the FC2ID, click on the 'Add Services' from the menu list on the left. Find the 'FC2 Counter' service from the service list then click on the 'Add this service. That's all you have to do! (After you add the service, it will take you to the FC2 Counter management page.)


Let’s Set Up an FC2 Counter

Set Up FC2 Counter
03 /27 2011
Let’s Set Up an FC2 Counter.

How to login to the management page
Please access FC2 Counter (http://counter.fc2.com/en), click on the 'login' button and enter your FC2ID e-mail address and password. Click on each counter's name and it will take you to the corresponding counter setting page.

If you have an FC2 Blog
FC2 Counters can easily be set up by using plugins.
*FC2 Blog can only add plugins for counters. To edit the counter settings, you will have to go to the FC2 Counter's management page.

1. Log in to FC2 Blog.
Click on the 'Plugin Settings' from the menu list on the left.

2. Make sure your current template supports the plugin of your choice.
*If your template does not support plug-ins, you cannot add the counter to your blog. Please choose one of the latest template and see if it is available.

3. Click on the 'Add FC2 plug-ins.'

4. Find the 'FC2 Counter' then click on the 'Add.'

5. After entering all the required items, select the 'Access Counter' or 'Online Counter' then click on the 'Add.'
*In case you would like to add both of them, you will need to add two plug-ins.

Add Plugin

When you use the FC2 Blog's "Free Area" plugin
If you are currently using template-supported plug-ins, you can also easily add counters and other blog plug-ins to the free area.

[Add Free Area]
Please click on "Add Plug-ins" in the middle of the plug-in setting page, then add the free area (Name can be changed, also you can assign a category to it.)
If you are currently using the free area, you can alter setting from 'Change Setting' located at the right of the plugin setting page.
With regard to the place to install, please assign a category you want to. Also please make use of arrows ('↑' and '↓') to place the plugin.

If you would like to install in your website.
Copy the counter's HTML tag
1. Log in to the management page and click on the 'Counter Tags' from the menu on the left.
2. Right click on your mouse to copy the entire tag.
3. Go to your web page's HTML file then paste the copied counter tag on your HTML's body section.
(Anywhere you like between <body> and </body>.)

<title>My Web Page</title>
<body bgcolor=#fffafa2>
<!--- FC2 Counter starts here --->
<script language=JavaScript type=text/javascript src=http://counter1.fc2.com/counter.php?id=*****></script>
<noscript><a href=http://counter.fc2.com/ target=_blank>FC2 Counter</a></noscript>
<!--span style=color:#1E90FF;><b>My Little Sheep Journal</b></span>
<br />



4. Check if the counter successfully appears on your web page.
*If it does not appear, check if all necessary tags are pasted,
please go back to your HTML file to make sure that the copied tag was pasted between <body> and </body>

Let’s Take a Look at the Access Statistics

Access Statistics
03 /27 2011
Let’s Take a Look at the Access Statistics.

To see the access statistics
Click on the 'Counter Management' on the FC2 Counter management page.
The access statistics will start to count after installing the counter.
(*Directly after set up, it might take a little while for it to show up.)

Registration data
1:User name
2:Counter name. To change the name, enter a new name and then click the 'Setting.'
3:Starting date of analysis
4:URL where the counter is installed.
5:Image used for your access counter.
6:Image used for your online counter.

Access Statistics
Shows the number of access within a day, cumulative number, 30 days basis, and a graph that shows the result of analysis.

Viewing Access Statistics
In order to view Access Statistics, you will need to push the "Analysis" button in the left side menu. Statisctics will begin to be counted after you set up a counter (Note: It may take some time before results are reflected, directly after setting up a counter)

You can check the number of accesses to a page by choosing it from the pull-down menu on the left-hand side-bar.

Please note, this access analysis is completely different from FC2`s "Analyzer" service. For a more detailed breakdown of your visitors please use that service.

FC2 Counter Detailed Settings

Detailed Settings
03 /27 2011
FC2 Counter Detailed Settings

Click the "Settings" button on the Management Screen.

Change the Number of Digits
This is where you can choose the number of digits you want in your hit counter.

You can have anywhere from 2 to 10 digits.
After doing this, please press the "Change" button.

Change the Count Number
This is where you can freely change the number of hits you have received.
Again, after doing this, please press the "Change" button
Leaving this field blank will mean the current hit count won't change.

You can use this in various situations, like if you want to import a counter from somewhere else. This way you can continue on counting without having to revert back to zero.

Double Count Settings

You can prevent single computers from giving you multiple hits.
Any single computer which visits your page (multiple times) within 24 hours can be set to only count as a single hit.

Select "Prevent Double Counts" and press the "Change" button.

This "Double Count Prevention" will count users based on their IP Address.
Any IP Address (as long as it doesn't change) will only count once towards the hit count.
Distinguishing users through their IP Address instead of through Cookies gives a more accurate count.

This improved accuracy means that the number of counts your counter racks up might decrease. Don't be alarmed by this, the counter is just giving you a more accurate representation of the actual number of people visiting your blog.

An IP Address is a number passed out to each computer linked to the internet.
*Views from mobile phones will not be affected by "Double Count Prevention".
All views from mobile phones will be counted for every time they access your site.

Weekly Count Display Settings
Setting this to "Display" will cause this week's access graph to display when hovering the cursor over the counter will. Once selecting this option click on the "Change" button.

[How to read the graph]

All digits fewer than hundreds, are rounded down.
Every 1000 is displayed as a TH


Setting to Not Count your Own Visits
This setting allows you to visit your own site without adding to the number of visitors.

1) Access the Management Page
Choose the counter you wish to change and then click it.

2) The counter you chose should appear on the Management Page.
Click on the "Settings" button in the right-hand sidebar.

3) Check the "ON" checkbox under "Don't Count Self", then click the "Change" button.

Any changes will take approximately 5 minutes to reflect.

*This will not work if cookies are disabled.

Also, this setting will only work for the internet browser that you used to change the setting.

Please note that using other browsers will cause your own views to be counted.

Prevent Counting Your Own Accesses
This is how you set up your counter so it doesn't count your own visits.

1)Access the Counter Management Page
If you have multiple counters installed, select the one you wish to edit and then press the "Settings" button.

2)The Editing Page will Display
Click on "Settings" from the left side menu. At the bottom of the screen there should be an option to not count your own accesses.

The change may take approximately 5 minutes to reflect.

*This function will only work if cookies are enabled. Also, FC2 Counter will still count your accesses if you view your site from another browser.

Change Counter Images

Change Images
03 /27 2011
Changing the counter image.

Please click on the "Change Image" button on the management page.

You can search for counters sorted by "Popularity", "Date Registered", "Genre" etc.
Check the counters you want and select whether to set your counter up as an "Access Counter" or an "Online Counter".

*What is an Access Counter?

An Access Counter is a tally that counts the number of people who have visited your site.

*What is an Online Counter?

An Online Counter counts the number of people currently viewing your website in realtime.

Register Your Own Design as a Counter

Register Own Design
03 /27 2011
Let's Register a Counter.
How to Upload a Counter

Making your Own Counter

Use graphics editing programs like Photoshop or others to create images that represent the digits 0 to 9.

Please make sure the image is over 4x4 pixels in size.
The file type should be .gif . Only .gif files can be uploaded. You should set the background as "clear".

Upload your Own Counter
Click the "Image Upload" button from the Management Screen. Fill in all the fields and then click the "Register" button.

1: Creator ... Your nickname automatically gets added.
2: Creator's Homepage ... Add the URL of the page the counter's set to.
3: Genre... "Management" is set as default.
4: Image ... Add the Counter Image you want to upload. The Left and Right fields are left open for any extra decoration you'd like to add.

Clicking "Register" will complete the upload.

"My Counters" Settings
Click on "My Counters" from the "Change Image" section.

All uploaded images are displayed here. Choose the image you want to edit and click on "Access Counter Image Settings".
To change online counters click the "Online Counter Image Settings" button.

Any changes made to images may take around 5 minutes to reflect.


Welcome to FC2!